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Our School Council consists of elected representatives from each Year 1 and Year 2 class. We meet regularly to discuss issues raised by each class and to make important decisions about our school.



School Council 2016-2017

School Council 2016-2017 1
School Council 2016-2017 2
School Council 2016-2017 3
School Council 2016-2017 4
School Council 2016-2017 5
School Council 2016-2017 6
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School Council 2016-2017


Magpies: Evan and Scarlett

Woodpeckers: Luke and Lucy

Blackbirds: Mia and Oscar

Robins: Connie and Freddie

Meeting 15 Friday 7th April

We looked at the results of our new menu survey and let Mrs Mills know!

Meeting 14 Thursday 30th March

The School Council taste tested the new Thai beef curry for Mrs Mills. Nearly everyone said it was delicious and that they would recommend it to their friends.

School Councillors and the whole of Year 1 tasted the Cheese Whirl. They loved it but have let Mrs Mills know that they would like more cheese on it please!

Meeting 13 Friday 17th March

We had a sneak preview of the mew school lunch menu from HC3s! It will start after the Easter holidays and run until October half term. There are some new meals to try and some old favourites. Mrs Mills would like to know:

  1. What do you think about the new meals?
  2. Would you like tomato sauce or white sauce for the tuna pasta bake?
  3. We gave the new menu 8/10, what does your class think?

Meeting 12 Friday 27th January

PCSO Sarah showed us where parents should and should not park to make sure we are safe. She talked to some people and explained why where they had parked wasn't safe. Sarah also handed out some of the safe parking leaflets that children designed last year.


Meeting 11 Thursday 19th January

We met briefly to talk about PCSO Sarah McCulloch visiting next Friday morning. We will be going out to look at parking problems outside school.

Meeting 10 Thursday December 8th 

Today, there was a special lunch with the school caterers, HC3s. Each class had been asked which lunches they love, which they are not so keen on and for new menu ideas. School Councillors shared these ideas with the team from HC3s and asked Mr Bazeley-White LOTS of questions!

Friday 18th November - CHILDREN IN NEED

With all your generous donations and the cake sale, we raised an amazing..


Thank  you so much.

Meeting 9 Thursday 17th November

A final planning meeting for Children in Need tomorrow.

School Councillors made posters to tell everyone how much the cakes are.

Everyone will help set up the cakes and some School Councillors are helping after school.

Remember spotty clothes and donations tomorrow.

Cakes are £1 per bag, so make sure that whoever is picking you up has some change with them!

Meeting 8 Thursday 10th November

The School Council wrote a letter to parents to let them know what is happening next Friday for Children in Need. They also chose some posters designed by Year 1 and 2 children to advertise the event. Thank you for some super poster designs, your teachers are laminating them and putting them up around school.

Meeting 7 Tuesday 8th November

The School Council led assembly today to launch this year's Children in Need event next Friday, the 18th November. Everyone learnt what they had to say and dressed up to show the rest of the school what they could wear.


Meeting 6 Thursday 3rd November

Today, we planned our launch assembly for Children in Need; this will be on Tuesday 8th November at 10.15am. This year's theme is 'The Big Spotaccular!' All School Councillors have some words to learn and need to bring spotty clothes to wear.

There will be a wear something spotty day on Friday 18th November, followed by a cake sale after school. Please bring in some cakes and a £1 donation and let's see how much we can raise to help children less fortunate than us.

Please can each class make some posters to advertise the cake sale and wear something spotty day.

Meeting 5 Thursday 20th October

After half term, there is a meeting about which areas of our school and grounds work well and which could be improved. We discussed our thoughts and ideas. This will be after school for adults, so Mrs Charles will take our ideas along to share.

Meeting 4 Friday 7th October

We looked at the ideas from the classes about the role of the School Council. After further discussion, the Councillors agreed that they would also like to talk about their learning. There were lots of important things to let teachers know which Mrs Charles will talk about at a staff meeting soon.

Some great ideas for Children in Need. We will be planning our fund raising at the next meeting.

School Councillors suggested that teachers have a set time to discuss School Council minutes, so they don't forget.

Meeting 3 Thursday 6th October

Brief meeting with Year 1 School Councillors to take photographs and give out badges.

Meeting 2 Thursday 29th September

We talked about what Year 2 like at school and would like to see in the future. You really enjoy your learning, especially the new projects, school trips and school dinners, as well as many other things. There were lots of ideas for new things, especially clubs and outside play equipment.

We talked about the role of the School Council and will discuss this more next week.

Classes are also being asked for fundraising ideas.

Meeting 1  Thursday 22nd September

Our new school councillors met for the first time and discussed what the role entails. All councillors had their photographs taken for their school council board and received their badges, so that all the children know who they are.


We decided that our starting points for the year would be to discuss with our classes what we like about our school and what we would like for the future. Mrs Riches will then look at the budget and try to fit our ideas in to the school improvement plan.


New Menu Survey - April 7th 2017

School Council and PCSO Sarah - January 27th 2017

School Council and PCSO Sarah - January 27th 2017 1
School Council and PCSO Sarah - January 27th 2017 2
School Council and PCSO Sarah - January 27th 2017 3
School Council and PCSO Sarah - January 27th 2017 4
School Council and PCSO Sarah - January 27th 2017 5
School Council and PCSO Sarah - January 27th 2017 6