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Standards at Bishops Waltham Infant School


Every year children in Year 2 complete tasks and tests which help teachers to make assessments about the level your child is working at. These tasks and tests are known as SATs. At Bishops Waltham our children make excellent progress. We consistently achieve higher than National results and Hampshire results. This is due to our outstanding teachers, excellent curriculum and rigorous target setting and tracking of each individual child-ensuring all children receive the support or challenge they need, when they need it, in their time at our school.


In Year 1 children complete a Phonics Test which consists of reading 40 words using phonics-some are made up words and some are real words. Phonics is a very small part of reading, as our fantastic results at the end of Year 2 show.


In Year R, we are judged on children achieving a Good Level of Development.


Please look at the current year to view our fantastic results.

Standards 2017

Standards at Bishops Waltham Infant School July 2016

SATS 2015
  Children achieving level National SATS 2014

Bishops Waltham Infant School

SATS 2015

Reading 2+ 89 98
  2B+ 80 93
  2A+ 57 77
  3 30 50
Writing  2+ 85 100
  2B+ 69 84
  2A+ 39 50
  3 16 25
Mathematics 2+ 93 100
  2B+ 80 96
  2A+ 53 68
  3 24 38