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Wildlife Photographers 

A few weeks ago, your activities were based around HABITATS. You should know what a habitat is and be able to match some animals to their habitats. If you aren’t sure, or didn’t have a go at these activities, click the link below to learn about habitats. You will need this information for your Computing activity this week.


Have a look at the photos below. They are all photos of habitats. Can you work out what animals might live in each one?


Look at the photos carefully. Which ones do you like? Why? Are there any you don’t like? Why?

This week, you are going to be WILDLIFE PHOTOGRAPHERS. You will need a camera of some sort. This could be a phone camera, iPad or tablet camera or a digital camera. Remember to ask an adult before using any of these and check that you know how to take a photo, review it and delete it, if necessary.


Your mission is to capture, on camera, different habitats in your garden or local area. You might even be able to take some photos of animals in their habitats – but do remember not touch or disturb the wild animals. Maybe you have a pet at home and could photograph your pet in its habitat.


Rules for taking photos

  1. THINK about what you are trying to capture in your photo – and make sure you capture it. If you don’t capture it, delete the photo straight away so you don’t have lots of photos you don’t want.
  2. STAY STILL. You must hold your camera really still and press the button when you are ready to capture your photo.
  3. STOP, REVIEW and DELETE. After each photo, stop! You must check the photo and choose to keep it or delete it.
  4. CHOOSE a handful of your favourite photos. This will probably be around 5 photos. The rest of your photos should then be deleted. 


Ask your adult to show you how to upload your photos onto a computer or laptop OR ask them to show you how to attach your favourite photo to an email to send to us! We can’t wait to see all of your lovely wildlife photos!

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