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Over the next few weeks, we would like you to become GAMES TESTERS!

This is a really fun part of our project that involves you testing different games. You can play them again and again and again!


Algorithm: set of instructions.


When you are playing, think about these questions and answer them when you have finished playing the game.

What happens if you get the answer right?

What happens if you get the answer wrong?

What happens at the end of the game?

How could this game be changed?

How could this game be improved?

How could this game be made easier? Harder?


Can you work out the algorithm the game follows?

What happens when the keys are pressed?

How do you make the fish/rabbit/arrow move?

How is the score determined?

What is the scoring system?



When you have clicked on one of the links and have been taken to a game, there is a button on the top right. This button says 'see inside' and it allows you to see the algorithm (set of instructions) used to create the game. You can edit the algorithm to make the game trickier or easier. Have a go at this for a CHALLENGE!

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