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This week is the chance for us all to read back over our own fantastic stories.


We need to make sure that they are really good, in order to publish them for our project outcome.


They must...

  • make sense
  • have characters from A Sailing Boat in the Sky
  • have a beginning, middle and end
  • problems and solutions
  • expanded noun phrases
  • effective punctuation (capital letters, full stops, commas, exclamation marks, etc

We know that this is a lot so you are going to have time to work through this in class with an adult over the four days we are in school next week. (We have an INSET day on Monday)


These are other activities that you will be able to do over the week.


Design your very own front cover for your story.  It will need a clear title, colourful illustration and author name (That's you!)


Write your own blurb for your story.  What is a blurb?  This is the part of a book that tells he reader all about what happens in the story.  It doesn't give away all the story, but hints at parts of the story.  It also makes the reader guess what may happen and can often leave you on a cliff hanger (Wondering what may happen next.)


Read a range of Quentin Blake stories and write a book review.  You could even send them in to school for your teacher to share with your Year 2 friends.


Make a Quentin Blake or A Sailing Boat in the Sky bookmark or badge.

Write a book review! It could be of A Sailing Boat in the Sky, a Quentin Blake story or even your own new adventure!

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