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Snow by Walter De La Mare

No breath of wind... No gleam of sun... Still the white snow... Whirls softly down...As the day draws to a close, a family prepares for Christmas

This week we will be reading and listening to a range of Christmas and winter poems, to inspire children to write their own poetry later on in the week. 


First we need to gather as much language as we can about winter and snow. Read the following poems and choose words that you like or find out about words that you don't know. 


We would like you to now gather as many words as you can to create your own snow storm of icy words.  Check the spelling and underline the words that you would like to include in your own poems  


Now listen to the poem and picture book Snow by Walter de la Mare.

Can you record any new words that you like or would use in your own poem? 


Have a look at the poem Falling Snow again. 

What do you like about the poem? What do you dislike about it? 

Now have a go at putting in your own words.  Is yours better? 



Now it is time to write your own poem, using your favourite words that you gathered over the week.

You can use the same structure as Falling Snow or use the winter acrostic poem. 


Once they are finished you can write them up in best. 

We will be writing them on paper snowflakes in school. 


Look in the Year 2 section in the Video Resource Centre and find Miss Salter reading Snow by Walter de la Mare.

Snow - Look at the images and read the poem. Which words help you imagine a snowy day? Can you think of any more effective words?

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