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To start our brand new project A Sailing Boat in the Sky we are going to watch a PowerPoint telling us all about problems all over the world, including physical aspects like earthquakes and volcano eruptions. Click the icon below to be taken to the website-adapted version of this PowerPoint.


We will then listen to the story A Sailing Boat in the Sky written by Quentin Blake.  He is a very famous author and you may have seen his pictures in Roald Dahl books.  Quentin Blake is an author and illustrator. 



This very special picture book about the important themes of poverty, child slavery, pollution, racism and war, was created by Quentin Blake and 1,800 children from all over Europe. One day, Isobel and Nicholas discover a strange-looking boat wreck on the beach. They clamber in, and begin their great adventure. Together with Simona, a wounded stork, they soar through the sky in their sailing boat and see a world that has lost its way — a girl being bullied, a weak child forced to work, a boy who can barely breathe in a polluted city, a mother and her baby trapped in a war zone. At each place, the children stop to help, and soon the boat is full of their new friends. Soon they must find a place to land where they can build a bigger and better sailing boat, and continue on their mission.


A Sailing Boat in the Sky (By Quentin Blake)

Here is the story A Sailing Boat in the Sky written by Quentin Blake and read by Rosie

We will listen to the story again and focus on each character in the story.  We will organise our thinking on a mind map and use adjectives to describe each character.  Adjectives are words that describe something.  For example the sail boat has a red sail.  Red is the adjective.

Once we have described each character we will look at all of the information gathered and decide which characters we have enough information to write a character description about.

Follow this PowerPoint to help you plan what you will include in your character description.

Having watched the PowerPoint about what to include in a character description you can now complete your own plan.  Remember this is your tool that will help you with your writing on Thursday, so you can write in notes.  Try and use your bookmark for the correct spellings though. 

Use this planner to help you plan what you would like to include in your character description.

Using all areas from your planner you will now piece the boxes together to write your exciting character description.  In class your teacher will model how to use the planner but for you we will show you a planner and the character description written by your teacher on here.

What we are looking for today is that you write some exciting sentences using adjectives that we learned about earlier in the week.  We want to know as much as possible about your character so try and include all of the detail from the earlier lessons.  Go back to the mind map of all the characters as this may give you more ideas to add.

We have noticed that lots of children keep forgetting to start sentences with capital letters too so can you work really hard on this for your teachers this week please. Remember a capital letter goes at the start of every sentence and is also used for names. 

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