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In English this week we are starting to think about the beginning of a story.  We call this story openers or story starters.


We will begin the week by reading two different story starters and deciding which one is the best one, talking to others about their opinion.


We will discuss what makes an effective story starter and record this in the classroom to refer to when we start our own story later in the week.


A writer writes for an audience: The reader.  

Who is the intended audience? 

How much do we want to tell them?

Why does the writing need to be effective?



Take a look at the story opener for A Sailing Boat in the Sky.   Quentin Blake introduces the two main characters, the setting and creates suspense.


Now read the attached two story openers for different stories and discuss with a partner what you like and dislike and which one you prefer.






Read the two story starters and discuss which one you like the most and why. What do you like? What do you dislike?

Miss Salter has had a go at writing her own story starter - can you help her put the capital letters and full stops in the correct place?

Look at these different settings. Can you use your best adjectives to describe each of them?

Choose the setting for your own adventure story for Isobel and Nicholas. This is where your wheeled vehicle that you design and make will travel from or around. You will now need to decide on what else you would like in your story including which characters you would like, when they travel (day or night) and what the first problem might be.

Once you have planned your story opener you can talk it through with someone in your family. This will help you focus on which words and events are important in your story.


Miss Salter has planned her story and will now write her story opener using her plan.  Can you see the ideas from her plan in her story?

  The icy winter wind blew as Nicholas shivered.  "It's a bit scary here in the wood at night time isn't it?" whispered Isobel.  "Thank goodness Granny is here with us." Nicholas quietly replied.  The green tall trees looked as black as soot in the dark night sky.

"Nothing to fear!" exclaimed Gus.  He was always so brave and confident being the largest of the flock of storks.

Isobel and Nicholas were glad that they were travelling home to see their Mum as they had missed her.  They could not wait to introduce her to Granny.

Gus was busy flying ahead when he was suddenly very alarmed.  "Strange looking dog on the port bow!" shouted Isobel.  In the distance she had spotted a tiny white dog slipping and sliding on a river bank.  The river had flooded and the dog was stuck! "Quick! Let's help him!" she shouted loudly.


Now it is time for you to use your plan and write your own story opener.  Don't forget to use capital letters, full stops and maybe even an exclamation mark if Isobel is talking.  Try your very best and remember it is an adventure story so we need lots of excitement.

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