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How to Write my Poem

Writing Your Poem 

Today is the day you write your poem! Using your similes from yesterday, have a go at writing a poem about a giraffe. You can do this in any way you want to. It can be as short or as long as you want. If we were in school, we would ask you to do a part about each of the body parts, a bit like this one which was written by the whole class a few year ago. 


Joyful Giraffe

With eyes as black as midnight,

glowing, twinkling and gazing at the stars

Little horns as wrinkly as a rhino’s skin

A black tongue reaching for the high, crunchy leaves like a snake

Pointy ears flapping in the breeze


Joyful Giraffe

With a long neck as thick as a trunk

Stretching to the sky

As spotty as a cheetah

A main as fluffy as a cloud


Joyful Giraffe

With a body as smooth as silk

Chunky and thick like a barrel

Brown patches with white zigzags


Joyful Giraffe

With gangly, skinny, thin legs

Trotting in the fresh green grass

Hard hooves as black as a cannonball

Clip Clop, Clip Clop!


Joyful Giraffe

With a swishy, long tail whipping in the wind

Smooth warm fur ending in a ball of fluff

As wiggly as a worm

Whoosh Whoosh!


Don't forget to give you poem a title and write who it is by. It's okay to magpie ideas from this poem, too. Just don't copy the whole thing! smiley

If you want a challenge, have a go at writing your poem in this giraffe shape!


You are going to be writing your poem using similes. This is a really fun way to make your poem exciting and interesting. A simile is when you compare something to something else using the words 'like' or 'as'. For example, the girl ran as fast as a cheetah or the coin sparkled like a star in the sky. Click the link below to be taken to a document where you can practise simile writing. There's 2 versions of the worksheet so choose the one that you think will suit your learning. Tomorrow there will be ideas for how to link this to a giraffe, ready for writing your poem!

For an extra challenge, use the picture below to come up with some more similes. You could relate this to different animals. For example, the cat's tail was as white as snow and his teeth were like daggers. 

Giraffe Similes

Use the photos of the giraffe's body parts to come up with some similes.

Use these to get you started:

a tail wagging like...

neck as tall as a... 

legs as strong as...

body spotty like...

eyes as round as


Now have a go at coming up with your own similes. Make sure you write down the ones you like, ready for writing your poem tomorrow!

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