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This week, we are learning a new symbol in Maths. It is the dividing symbol; sometimes known as sharing. Division is linked to multiplication, which we have been learning about for the previous two weeks. Knowing your times tables off-by-heart will really help you when you are learning to divide.


We will begin the week with practically sharing between 2 people and moving onto sharing between 3, 4 and 5 people. We will explore which numbers can be shared by 2 and which numbers cannot. We will reason about why this is. 


We will then look at using arrays with our division. Drawing arrays can help us to work out division sums quickly. They help us to organise our thinking. We will also be grouping numbers to help us to solve division problems. 


Finally, we will use our knowledge to reason about division. We will explore investigations and answer questions, explaining our thinking and how we know the answers. 

Look at the videos and PowerPoints below to help you with your learning

Complete the resources below

If you can work out your division problems quickly, using mental or written methods, have a go at these problems.  

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