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Place Value 


This week we will be taking another look at place value. This is when we look at where each digit in a number is placed. This shows us the value of each digit and the value of the number. Click the link below for a fun video!



Place value can be tricky to understand. This means that we will be at different stages in our understanding. Look at the task below. Do you know how many tens and ones are in each number? If you do, fab! If you don't, don't worry! We have some activities to remind you. 

Reminder activities

In school we use dienes to help us with our tens and ones. 10 of the little ones make 1 of the tens sticks.



Do you know what this number is? Count the tens: 10, 20. Count the ones: 21, 22, 23. That's right, the answer is 23. If you find this tricky, ask an adult to draw some numbers in dienes for you to work out.


When we are finding out how many tens and ones are in a number, it is useful to be able to count in tens. Give this a practise, using the video below. 


Now have a go at making the following numbers, by drawing tens and ones. 



















Can you make all of the numbers? If not, ask an adult to give you some more.

Moving-on Activities

Move onto these activities when you are ready to. There's a variety of tasks here so pick the ones that suit you.

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