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Moving on to Year 3

We are nearly at the end of our school year and your time at Bishops Waltham Infant School is coming to an end.  We have had a busy year of fun learning and a strange year where you had to do a lot of your learning at home.

Although it has been very different we have loved getting to know you all and are feeling very sad that we now have to say goodbye. 

You have had a wonderful selection of projects and we would love to know what you thought about them all. 


My favourite project this year was "A Sailing Boat in the Sky" because it was a brand new project for us all,  We were able to think about our planet and try and tell others why they should look after it too.  Our peaceful protest was very powerful and the home learning was so varied and creative. 

I really loved all of the different wheeled vehicles that we made during our DT lessons.  Mrs Camsell brought in her kit car which helped us to think about the process of design, make and evaluate.  What a wonderful opportunity we had to further our thinking.


My favourite project in Year 2 was "Fire Fire!" I loved the art in the project, especially the pastel images of London burning!  The History part of the project is so interesting because of the different artefacts that are available, we can find out all about that time in the past.  I loved finding out all about what London looked like in 1666. 


Little Woodham was such a fun school trip! I liked meeting all the characters from the 17th Century and looking at the clothes that they wore in the past.  I'd like to go back there.  Would you?


I really love our Nelson project “Life on the ocean wave” because our trip to Portsmouth Historic Dockyard brings the project alive! Going on board HMS Victory takes us back in time to 1805. We could imagine what life was like in The Battle of Trafalgar. 


Our art work, sketching Nelson portraits then adding watercolour paint,  always makes me smile as it shows such good progress from our Autumn Term art work. 
Like Miss Apsey I really love the project about The Great Fire of London.  The home learning to make a building from the Tudor times was outstanding. The different shapes and sizes made an amazing city of London when added together.  Our children always make such a good effort with their home learning. 


It has most certainly been a fantastic year. 

What was your favourite project and why? 

Please send your teacher your answers.  You can use the sheet below if you would like to.  We look forward to receiving your emails.

What was your favourite project in Year Two and why? We'd love you to send in your finished piece.

Learning during Lockdown 2020 has been very different. 


Complete the Thinking Hats sheet with your own thoughts and ideas.

This does not need to be shared with school.  It can be your private thoughts that you can share with your family.


There is also the beginnings of a learning mind map that you could add pictures and words to.  What have you learned in Year Two?  You have learned so much during the year, but what really sticks in your head? 


Miss Salter has completed both sheets to give you an idea of what it might look like.



Miss Salter's examples

Why not write a letter to your future self?

In 10 or 20 years time you could read it back as an adult and remember your time as a Year Two child during a pandemic. 

You can use the attached writing frame to help you write your letter. 

It doesn't need to be a long letter but it will definitely be something nice for you (and even your children or grandchildren!!) to read in the future.


Complete the time capsule writing frame to help you write your letter

You could use this lovely rainbow paper to write your letter on

School Illustration