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Listening to Quentin Blake’s story, ‘A Sailing Boat in the Sky’ will inspire the children to plan and invent their new adventure and wheeled vehicle for Isobel and Nicholas. They will explore and design wheeled vehicles, developing their own ideas. The children will select and use materials, using taught skills, resulting in a fantastic vehicle.  This will be ready to share at the motor show, story telling and discussions for a safe future.  The children will evaluate their ideas and wheeled vehicle against their own design criteria.



At Bishops Waltham Infant School we sometimes organise our thinking by using a KWL plan.  It helps us with our learning. Each letter in KWL has a special meaning.

K is What do we know already?  We write a list about what we already know about our subject or project.

W is What do we want to know?  We write a list of questions that we would like to ask about the subject or project.

L is What have we learned? We add to this as we learn new facts over the project.


Let's get started...


What do we know already about wheeled vehicles?  Let's try and think of as many vehicles with wheels as we can.  In  class we will add this to our KWL board.  You can add your own ideas onto your own KWL sheet that is attached below.

Now we are going to organise our thinking in a different way.  We are going to do a single bubble map to show six different vehicles that have wheels.  These can be drawn or you can add photos if you are doing this at home.


Can you draw 6 different vehicles that have wheels? Can you name them?

Time to start thinking about the design criteria for our wheeled vehicle.


We must design purposeful, functional, appealing

products for ourselves and other users based on design  criteria.


Functional - the wheels need to work.

Appealing - it looks attractive.

Purposeful – it has a reason to get off the island and continue the rescue mission.

This is your design booklet. This week we complete the first page with the design criteria.

School Illustration