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Last week we decided the design criteria for our wheeled vehicles and this week we are going to use these ideas to create our designs.


Look at these boxes. These are the kinds of materials that we are going to be using to create our wheeled vehicles. Which ones do you think you would like to use and why? Remember the wheeled vehicle needs to be appealing, purposeful and functional, so use your design criteria to help you.



Have a look at what materials you have at home that could be used to make your wheeled vehicle. There are lots of different sizes and shapes that you can use.


Once you have decided the shape and size of your box. Draw it in your design booklet that you started last week. It is attached here to remind you.

We are now going to learn about how wheels work. Watch this video to learn about the different types of axles that make wheels turn in different ways.

If you have lego at home, try making a wheeled vehicle that lego people can move around in. Have a look at how the wheels are connected and how they make the lego move. Can you spot the axles?

Now we are going to think about how the wheels will be attached to our wheeled vehicles. Look at these diagrams and decide which one we should use. Then you will need to draw it in your design booklet.

Now you can add the smaller details to your design in the design booklet. Think about these questions and answer them to finish the design.


What does your wheeled vehicle need to be able to go another adventure?

What does it need to look appealing?

What does it need to be able to move?


Now label your drawing to show what materials you will use.

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