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Design, Make, Evaluate a PIRATE PUPPET!

How to design my pirate puppet


First we understand that this is a BIG task to do at home so we would like you to work to your own pace, ability and resources.  We look forward to seeing a range of puppets at the end of term.  This means they could be paper bag, material, shadow...all kinds of puppets, just like you researched for in your Year 1 project. 


When we teach this Design Technology lesson in Year 2 we all make a pirate hand puppet using felt.  We will base all of our explanations and photos on this process but do not expect you to follow this design.  You can be as creative as you like at home. 


First, let's find out about pirates.                                                      

  • What is a pirate?                                      
  • What do you know about pirates?                               
  • What do you want to find out?   


Research using books and the internet all about pirates and begin to gather your own ideas.  You could start filling in the section generate section in your pirate booklet. 


Choose ideas that you really like and might want to include on your puppet eg peg leg, eye patch, scar, gold tooth.


Miss Salter will be reading lots of pirate stories over the project to give you more ideas so keep checking the website for ideas. 


Once you have decided on the style of puppet you would like to make and what kind of features it will have you can now start designing your puppet.  Sometimes it takes lots of attempts to make the best choice, so have a go at two or three puppet designs.   You may even use the iterative process where you go back and add details as you go along. This is fine to do!  It's all part of being a designer. 


Your final part of the design process is the hardest.  To choose which one you'd like to make!  Make your decision and then you can start the really fun part...MAKING YOUR PIRATE PUPPET!  






Use this booklet through your design, make and evaluate process.

How to make my pirate puppet

Lots of you are keen to make your puppet now that you have researched pirates and made your designs. 

Remember that this puppet is your chance to get creative and have fun!  At school we use felt and sew the puppet to join it.  If you are making a glove puppet remember to leave a hole for your hand to go in!  That's often a mistake made during the making process. 

Please be careful with your tools and work with an adult.

If things go wrong, remember to try again and learn from the mistake.  Why might it not be working?

Once the puppet is made please take a photo of it and send us a picture so that we can add it to the Design Technology Pirate Puppet Gallery.

How to evaluate my pirate puppet

Now that you have made your pirate puppet you need to evaluate the design process and the puppet itself.

Using your booklet take a look at the last page.

Using the design criteria right at the beginning of the booklet, answer the three questions and give your reason or example.

Then the Thinking Hats questions are another way of looking at your finished puppet.

We hope that you enjoyed the design process.

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