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Here you will find activities that are related to our current project 'Life on The Ocean Wave'. You may need to look in the Literacy folder to gather information before you can complete these activities, so make sure you check that page out too!

A Timeline of Lord Nelson's Life 

Using the information you have learnt from the Literacy page, create a timeline of Lord Nelson's life. Click on the document labelled 'Nelson's key events' to start you off. Remember to look at the dates carefully so you can work out what dates come first/before/after. If you have learnt about other events in Nelson's life that you think you could include, then do! You can use the timeline proforma sheet named 'A Timeline of Nelson's Life' or you can draw/create your own in any way you want. Look at the photo to see an example from last year. 

Lord Nelson's Plan

Horatio Nelson's plan to defeat the French and Spanish in The Battle of Trafalgar was a clever one! We watched the animated video of how he did this in school. You can re-watch it below and explain Nelson's plan to your adult. Then we have a challenge for you. Can you recreate Nelson's plan? You could do this inside or outside, use toys, models, paints, drawings or even make your own ships to use! Be as creative as you can and then send us photos on the Blogging Page under the Children Tab. We can't wait to see your wonderful ideas. 

Computing - Lord Nelson

In Year 2, we are fantastic at using the laptops ourselves and we love doing so! If you have a computer or laptop at home, this is a great job for you. You could even do this on an iPad or tablet if you have the right apps. Can you create a PowerPoint or a Word Document about Lord Nelson? Make sure you do each of the things listed below - you have learnt all of these at school!


1. Insert photos from online

2. Resize and move the photos (if you need to)

3. Choose the font, size and colour text you would like

4.Add text - facts about Lord Nelson 


See the document below for an example. 

Trafalgar Ancestors 

In school, we spoke about Trafalgar Ancestors. It is a long list of people who served in The Battle of Trafalgar. Click the link below to be taken to the database. If you type in your last name, you might find people who had the same last name as you. You can learn how old they were during the battle and their job. Try typing in the last names of other people you know, too!

Admiral Nelson

In the document below you will find a recount of Nelson's life, but some key words are missing. Using the key words at the bottom of the page, can you complete the recount of Nelson's life? Make sure it makes sense and you spell the words correctly. Then complete the picture of HMS Victory in battle. 

Captain & Sailor

At school we compared the lives of the captains and sailors on-board HMS Victory in the 1800s. Open the documents below and you will find pictures of the sailors' uniform and the captains' uniform. Can you draw a picture of a captain and a sailor and label their uniform. You could also write some sentences about what is was like to be each one on board the ship. 

Battle of Trafalgar Deep Thinking


Here are some ideas for you to think about now that we are at the end of the project...


Admiral Lord Nelson - Hero or ordinary sailor?  What is your opinion on this? Talk through your reasons with an adult.


Write an entry in the Ship’s log in character - What are your thoughts or feelings? (You could be Admiral Lord Nelson, Captain Hardy, Midshipman, Powder Monkey etc.)


You are Nelson.  All your sailors are going to be on deck soon. Write your speech.


You are a powder monkey.  The battle has just started.  Talk about what you are seeing and feeling.


In role you are Nelson, Napoléon, the ship’s surgeon, give your account of the battle and what happened.


Nelson’s column is about to be unveiled.  Write a plaque to go at the base of the column.

Project Evaluation 

In the document below, there's a few questions about this project. We want to know what you enjoyed the most and what your favourite parts were. Don't forget to send a photo through the blog! 

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