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This week we are beginning to identify and classify different materials.

To begin with, we will read A Planet Full of Plastic by Neal  Layton.

A Planet Full of Plastic by Neal Layton

How many different materials in the story can you name? Can you find an example for all of the materials in the picture below?


What about in your home? Have a look around your home, which different materials can you find?


A Planet Full of Plastic is about pollution. What is pollution and why is it a problem?

Pollution is anything that makes the earth dirty and unhealthy. Land, air, and water are all affected by pollution.

Plastic is a big contributor to pollution. What plastic things do you throw away? Can you make a list?


Perhaps in your house you have a special recycling bin. What does recycling mean? What do you recycle in your house?

Here is a video and activity to help you learn about recycling:

Here is a game you can play to practise recycling things at home:






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