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Week 1

What is your favourite animal and what is its habitat?


Choose 5 different animals (look at Marwell Zoo for inspiration)


Ask members of your family (and your friends if you are in touch with them) what their favourite animal is from your list of five.  If you are not able to ask many people please use our teacher data below to help.  


Now create a block graph or pictogram showing all of the data you have gathered. Please use attached format or you can make your own using toy animals, lego bricks, coloured paper etc.  Get creative!


What was the most popular animal?

What was the least popular animal? 

If Miss Salter and Miss Apsey added their favourite animal from Marwell Zoo to your graph would your answers still be the same for your least or most popular animal?


Name Animal
Miss Salter Red Panda
Miss Apsey Elephant
Mrs Moth  Elephant
Mrs Wombell Tiger
Miss Campbell Elephant
Mrs Palmer  Giraffe
Mrs Riches Elephant 
Mrs Barnaby Tiger
Mrs Bramley Rhino
Mrs Graham Elephant
Miss Turner  Elephant 
School Illustration