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Week 1 21.9.2020

This week we start Project 2 'Brilliant Bodies!'

This a science project to find out about our bodies, what we need to grow, be healthy and survive.


We start our learning with an exciting 'Hook'.

Each class receives a letter from Titch's mum. Titch is character in a book the children are familiar with who is the same age as they are. 

Read the letter below:-

You can read the 'Titch' story here.


This week we are going to retell the story of Titch.

First let's think about how Titch is feeling being small and the youngest.

Write your ideas in this speech bubble eg:-

I am too small.

I am sad I can't ride a big bike.

I wish I was strong like Pete.

Next we are going to make a story map of the Titch story to help us retell it.


Draw pictures of the events in the story in the right sequence, So the first 3 boxes will have:-

1. Pete's great big 

2.Mary's big bike

3. Titch's tricycle


A grown up could label the pictures for you or use the word mat below.

Finally we are going to retell the story. You can use the sheet below or write your own version.


Use your story map and the word mat to help you. 


In Maths this week we are learning to add and take away 1, using the language

1 more/1 less.

Try these problems. Start with numbers to 10. If you find them easy try the next sheet!
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