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Week 1

Howard Donald ~ The Tiger who came to tea

howardstories #BedtimeStories

'Hey Tiger!' Robbie Williams

Judith Kerr's classic book comes to life in this enduring animation. Invite the tiger to tea with your family!

Here are some new cover ideas...

Week 1 - The Tiger Who Came to Tea

Week 1 - The Tiger Who Came to Tea! Using your favourite animal plan your own story using the below planner. Your animal must go to someone's house,eat and drink lots and cause a lot of problems, making lots of mess. Make is as silly as you like! You will enjoy writing it more then! You could even add some interesting facts that you learned about your favourite animal earlier in the week.

Week 1 -The Tiger Who Came To Tea

Synonyms for said


answered argued asked 


babbled begged called


complained confessed cried


declared demanded exclaimed


explained  groaned grumbled


joked lied moaned 


mumbled muttered nagged 


ranted remarked replied


screamed shouted suggested 


teased told whined





Week 1 - The Tiger Who Came to Tea by Judith Kerr

Please listen to the story or read along if you have the story at home.
This week you will be getting to know this story really well to help you write your own innovation of the story about another animal.
Keep looking each day to find out your next activity.
Once you have listened to the story you could listen again and write down some words that you really liked. These might be useful later on in the week.
Did you like the story? Talk to your family about the parts you liked the best and why.

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