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Week 1

Why do you think wild animals do not go to the animal gym? Why don't they get fat, like humans can? This is a thinking activity. You will need to think carefully about the question and draw pictures and write sentences to show your Scientific understanding.

Funny FAT Animals - Animated Short Films by Rollin' Wild | Animal Cartoon Movies

Rollin' Wild: What if animals were round?

A funny video for you to watch when you think about if wild animals get fat and why they don't go to the gym.

What is your favourite animal and where is its habitat?


Research your favourite animal and find out 5 new interesting facts – write these down as they may help you with your story later on in the week.


Click the link below to find some good websites that might help you.

Think of different animals and complete the table, researching as you go. If you don't know what the words mean use the handy glossary below.

Glossary of animal words 


Habitat - the place where a particular type of animal or plant is normally found


Diet - the food that an animal eats regularly


Survival skills - the skills an animal has to help them to continue to live or exist, often despite difficulty or danger

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