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Week 1

Why do you think wild animals do not go to the animal gym? Why don't they get fat, like humans can? This is a thinking activity. You will need to think carefully about the question and draw pictures and write sentences to show your Scientific understanding.

Funny FAT Animals - Animated Short Films by Rollin' Wild | Animal Cartoon Movies

Rollin' Wild: What if animals were round?

A funny video for you to watch when you think about if wild animals get fat and why they don't go to the gym.

Picture 1

What is your favourite animal and where is its habitat?


Research your favourite animal and find out 5 new interesting facts – write these down as they may help you with your story later on in the week.


Click the link below to find some good websites that might help you.

Picture 1
Think of different animals and complete the table, researching as you go. If you don't know what the words mean use the handy glossary below.

Glossary of animal words 


Habitat - the place where a particular type of animal or plant is normally found


Diet - the food that an animal eats regularly


Survival skills - the skills an animal has to help them to continue to live or exist, often despite difficulty or danger

Picture 1
School Illustration