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Week 2 28.9.20

Welcome to Week 2 of our project 'Brilliant Bodies'.

This week the children will continue to find out how their bodies work. The focus is how exercise causes changes in our body such as becoming 'puffed out', feeling hot, sweating, tired. The children will discover why exercise is so important!




Our focus book for Literacy this week is 'Peace at Last' by Jill Murphy.

You can read it below:-

We talked about:-

  • Why Mr Bear couldn't sleep?
  • What was keeping him awake?
  • Find the 'sound' words - tick tock, mmmmmm, tweet tweet
  • What did Mr Bear look like in the morning? How was he feeling?
  • Why is sleep so important?
Next we are going to think about how Mr Bear is feeling and write our ideas in a speech bubble.

Our 'exciting writing' this week is to create a new page for 'Peace at Last'.

First we need to think of some new places for Mr Bear in and outside the house.

Make a list of some of the different rooms and areas he go could go to.

eg. the attic

       play house



Now chose one of those rooms. Think of all the things which make a noise in that room.

eg the attic - rain on the roof


                         maybe a ghost!


Next chose 5 things which might keep Mr Bear awake. Draw a picture and write the sound like this:-

Now we have lots of ideas we can write our new page like this:-


Mr Bear went to sleep in the attic.

Drip drip went the rain.

Scuttle scuttle went the spider

Hoo Hoo went the ghost.


'I can't stand this' he said and he went to sleep in the ...


You can write as many new pages as you like!

Don't forget to draw a picture to go with your page.




This week we are learning to add using a number line.

A number lines look like this:-

The children use number lines to help them solve add and take away calculations.

The images below will explain how to use a number line.

Here are some calculations to solve using a number line.

Remember we don't jump on the spot!


The children are finding out how, and what they need to stay healthy, grow strong and survive. At the end of this project the children will create a leaflet for Titch so he knows too.


We started the project learning some songs naming the parts of the body.

  • Heads and Shoulders, knees and toes.
  • 1 finger, 1 thumb keep moving.


First we labelled a body.

How many parts of the body do you know?

Use the project bookmark to help you.

We know exercise is good for us but what does it do to our bodies?

Try doing some exercise at home.

Here are some ideas :-

  • running round your garden or the park several times
  • jumping for a minute
  • skipping
  • bouncing on your trampoline
  • dancing to a song


What do you notice about your body?

Are you puffed out or hot?

How do you feel?

Did you enjoy the exercise?


So why is exercise good for you?

Next we are going to do an investigation.


Which exercise makes you the most tired?


Try these exercises for 1 minute and record your ideas on the table.

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