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Week 3 5.10.20

Welcome to Week 3 of the 'Brilliant Bodies' project.

This week we are learning about our senses and how important they are for keeping ourselves save and surviving. 




First we are going to learn what are senses are and which part of the body we use with each sense.

Let's start with a game, 'How do we Know...'

How do we know the cooker is hot?

How do we know someone is at the door?

How do we know we like chocolate?

How do we know something is on fire?

How do we know when it is safe to cross the road?


Let's explore what we can see. What part of the body are you using? Yes your eyes! Sight or seeing is one of your senses and you use your eyes to see.

Now explore the other senses. What can you smell? What can you touch, taste, and ear?


You have 5 senses. Can you name them?


Try this sheet. Draw a line from the sense to the body part to the object.

Now we are going to use our senses to explore our environment.

Go out in your garden, for a walk or walk around your home.

What cab you:-

  • See
  • Hear
  • Touch
  • Smell 
  • Taste


Fill in the bubble map with what you found. You could label your pictures or ask a grown up to help you.


This week's Literacy is linked to the senses. We are going to write a poem about using our senses.

First let's read some senses poems. Here are some poems for you to read and talk about. You could even try to add some actions!

Next we are going to plan our poem using a 'boxing up' sheet. We can collect our ideas ready to write our poem.

Draw 3 pictures for each sense.

Finally you can write your poem in the style of this poem:-

Here's an example


I can see

children playing

tall trees

white clouds


I can hear



birds tweeting


and so on. When you have finished you could decorate your poem with all the things you have written about.


This weeks maths learning to solve word addition and subtraction problems.

The children will learn what they need to look for in the problem in order to solve it.

They will think about whether it is an addition or subtraction/take away problem and which sign + or - in a number sentence.

Finally they will use solve the problem using a number line building on last week's skills.


Try these word problems.



These problems are different. The children need to chose which sign, + or - for each problem before solving it. Remember to read the number sentence like this 2 add 2 makes/equals or 5 take away 4 makes/equals
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