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Week 4

Wildlife Presenters

Our English activities will look a little bit different over the next two weeks. This is because you are going to be WILDLIFE PRESENTERS! 

That's right! You are going to plan, write and video your very own Deadly 60 episode. You will be choosing your own animal to do this on. You will find a booklet below which you will fill out over the week. Next week, you will be writing your episode and videoing it. Each day, you will find information on this page about how to complete a page of the booklet. So make sure you check back daily! 




Today your job is to watch Deadly 60 videos and clips. You will find links to these below. You could also find some David Attenborough clips or videos to give you extra ideas about how presenters talk and behave when they are being video recorded. You will need the second page of the booklet, today. You will be thinking about what presenters say to introduce their episode, where they look when they are talking and what exciting words and phrases they use. Fill in the boxes on this page. You can write as much or as little as you want. You can write examples of what you hear and see or write examples of how you would do each one in your own episode. Most importantly, have fun watching the episodes and clips!

Tuesday and Wednesday 

Now is time for you to choose what animal you will do your Deadly 60 Episode about. Over the next two days you need to use the internet and books to find out about your animal. If you have an Alexa (or something similar), you could ask her questions about your animal to get the answers. You will need page 3 of your booklet. Fill in the boxes with as much information as you can. This will make it easier for you when you write your script. We can't wait to see what animals you choose!


Today you will be writing sentences about your chosen animal using the 4 sentence types. We have looked at the 4 sentence types before. Use the videos below to remind you of each one. You will need page 4 of your booklet. Try to write your sentences so that you can use them in your Deadly 60 Episode next week. Write at least one in each box. Remember, the more you write, the easier your writing will be next week!


If you have any finishing off to do in your booklet, today is the day to do it! Maybe you have a little bit more research to do about your chosen animal or maybe you would like to watch some more Deadly 60 Episodes to get some more ideas. You also have the first page of your booklet to complete now that you have chosen your animal and learnt lots about it. Draw a picture of your animal. You could draw it in its habitat. Think of a cool name for your episode. Remember to make the episode name short and catchy to make people want to watch it!

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