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Week 4 12.10.20

This is the last week of our project 'Brilliant Bodies'.

We hope you have enjoyed our learning!




Our science is linked to the literacy this week.

We are putting everything we have learned about keeping healthy and safe into a leaflet for Titch so he knows what to do to be ready to learn in Year 1.


You will find the leaflet pages below. Complete a page a day!


So first design a cover for your leaflet. It needs to be colourful and exciting.

You could draw:-

  • a picture of Titch doing some exercise
  • eating healthy food choices
  • brushing your teeth
  • riding a bike.


Next we are going to show Titch what he needs to do to stay healthy. Draw a picture and label it in on the bubble diagram.

You could include:-

  • healthy diet
  • lots of sleep
  • exercise
  • drinking water
  • keeping clean

You can add more ideas if you want to. Draw them in the gaps around Titch. Don't forget to label them!

Finally explain to Titch how he can use his senses to stay safe!

He needs his sight to look out for cars when crossing the road.

He needs his hearing to listen for danger such as a car coming or a fire alarm.


Here are some sentences to help you. Don't forget a capital letter at the start and a full stop at the end.

  • Look out for cars when you cross the road.
  • Listen out for cars before you cross the road.


Can you think of how the other senses keep you safe?

To finish our project we are going to have a quiz. 

Ask a grown up to help you read the question. Chose the answer from the pictures below and draw a circle round it.

When you have answered them all check the answer sheet.

Did you get then all right?


This week's maths is all about Time.

We will talk about time and what we know about it. We will learn the days of the week in order and know what day it is today.

We will learn the months of the Year and find out when our Birthdays are and special events happen like Christmas. You could do this at home too.

We will also use time language:-

  • today
  • later
  • tomorrow
  • yesterday
  • day
  • month
  • year
  • hour
  • o'clock

We will learn how to sequence/order events and tell the o'clock time on a clock.

We will start with sequencing these pictures of things you do in the day in the right order. 

Cut them out first and then order them. Next stick them onto a piece of paper or in your work book.

You will need a clock to learn to tell the time. If you don't have a toy clock with moving hands use the template below to make one.

Use your clock to make the o'clock times.

Can you show these times on your clock?

  • 9 o'clock
  • 12 o'clock
  • 3 o'clock
  • 6 o'clock
  • 8 o'clock

Can you read the time. Ask a grown to show an o'clock time and you tell them what time the clock says.


Now read the clocks on this sheet and draw a picture of what you are doing at this time.

Here is Bingo game you can play with the whole family.

Ask a grown up to be the Bingo caller. They will call out the o'clock times for you to find on your bingo card.

Each person has a card.

The caller shouts out an o'clock time! ' 3 O'CLOCK'. If you have that time cross it out or cover it with a counter.

Who will be the first person to have all the times?

Finally the 1 Minute Challenge!

Have you got a timer in the kitchen, or a grown up can time you on their watch or phone.

How many of each challenge can you do in 1 minute! It's not long! Have fun!

Don't forget to check the handwriting and phonics page for more learning at home!

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