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Maori Art

This week we are looking at Maori art and the symbolism behind it. We will explore Maori culture through different types of art, and then create our own Koru. 

The Koru

Learn about the Koru here

Activity 1

How much have you learned about the Koru? Can you answer the questions below?


1. Koru is the Māori word for ______________.


2. The Koru symbolises 4 things. Can you name one of them? __________________


3. Which plant is used in Koru artwork? ____________________


4. What are the traditional colours of the Kowhaiwhai design? ________________


5. What does the Kowhaiwhai design represent for Maori people? ______________

Activity 2

Can you sketch your own Koru? You can use the art work above for inspiration. You can use the traditional colours of the kowhaiwhai - red, black and white, or 3 colours of your choice.

Once you have sketched it, you can paint or colour it. Don't forget to share your Korus with us!

Below are some templates you might want to use for inspiration or copy for your own art work. 

School Illustration