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Week 3

Next week we will be reading ‘How the kiwi lost its wings’ in Literacy and retelling the story in our Thursday extended write. In Maths we will be starting measure. We will be comparing length and different intervals of time using Charlie crocodile (greater than and less than). In Computing we will continue to learn about emails and keeping safe online, in Art we will be painting our tiles and in Geography we will be looking at co-ordinates and direction.


In phonics we will be looking at the following sounds:

aw (yawn)

au (august)

ey (donkey)

e-e (these)

Look out for these sounds when you and your child are reading together or even when you are out and about.


In Maths today we will be comparing the length of natural objects outside using the greater and less than symbols (charlie crocodile). As an extension you could measure the objects with a ruler.

In Phonics we are looking at the aw (yawn at dawn) sound. See if you can read and spell words containing this sound.

In Literacy we are introducing the story of how the Kiwi lost it's wings. We will also talk about contractions (and, or, but, so, because, if and when) and how they can be used in the story to make sentences more interesting.

In the afternoon we are reading and finishing our artwork from last week. At home you could sketch the silver fern and read a story with your grown up. Remember Bug Club is an excellent resource for more stories.


In phonics we are looking at the au sound as in August. Please see the activity below and look out for this sound in your reading.

In maths we are continuing with comparing lengths of objects using charlie crocodile. Please see the activity below. If your child finds this tricky please use different lengths of paper to compare length. 

Follow the link above to find the literacy learning for this week.

This afternoon we will be reading and learning about co-ordinates. Have a go at the activities below using what you know about North, South , East and West.


In literacy we are planning our writing for tomorrow on a story hill. Please follow the link above to access this.

In phonics we will be learning about the ey sound in donkey. Follow the link below for the activity.

In maths we are learning about different intervals of time such as 1 minute, 1 hour, 1 second, 1 day etc.

What can you do in these intervals of time and which is the longest. Do you know how many seconds in a minute etc.? The activity below will help you with this.

This afternoon in computing you can do some research on google about New Zealand and begin to produce a fact file on a word document. Please also do some reading on your own or with an adult, We will also be learning about family trees and how all families are different. Can you draw your family tree?



In literacy today we will be retelling the story of How the Kiwi Lost its Wings as our extended write. Follow your story hill and the bookmarks for this project to write the story making sure to use lots of conjunctions. We will do this all morning.

In phonics we are looking at the e-e sound (even). Introduce the sound and words it contains then complete the activity below.

This afternoon we will continue to practice the haka and make sure to read as well.


This morning we will be doing our spelling test and then phonics, where we will be practicing spelling this weeks sounds in sentences. We will then be reading and practising joined up handwriting.


This afternoon go outside and play some games and listen to some Maori music.

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