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Physical Activities

Bouncing a Ball


Using a large ball ask your child to stand still and use two hands to throw the ball down, to make it bounce on the floor in front of them and then catch it as it rises up again. Emphasise the importance of keeping their eye on the ball .



Tell them they have 30 seconds to bounce and catch the ball as many times as they can, counting out loud as they go. They only count if they catch! Can they beat their score?


Heads and Tails Game

Play a game of ‘heads and tails’. When you shout ‘heads’ your child has to throw their ball in the air and catch it. When you shout ‘tails’ your child has to bounce the ball on the floor.


Play with a partner

Play throw and catch with a partner but the ball must bounce once between each player.

Throw, bounce and catch. 

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