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Knowledge and Understanding of the World

Life Cycle Of A Frog


At school we have been watching as the frogspawn have turned into tadpoles! The children have been fascinated with observing how they have changed over time and learning about what they need to grow and how to be looked after.

Miss Turner has thankfully taken all the tadpoles home to be looked after and has sent us a picture of how they are looking at the moment! Here is a close up of one of our tadpoles. Wow haven't they grown!



What do you notice? What can you see? How have they changed?


I wonder what may happen to our tadpoles next? Well have an explore of the information and activities below. I wonder if we can find out!


The Easter Story:


As Easter is approaching we thought you may want to explore The Easter Story and what Christians believe.

Share with your child The Easter Story and have a go at some of the activities below. Can your child remember the order of the story? The names of the people in the story? Do they understand what Christians believe and that not everybody has to believe the same?



Have you watched the Easter Story? Now have a go at ordering the Easter Story. Can you remember what happened first? What happened after that? How did the story end?

Learn more about how we celebrate Easter with 'CBeebies - Lets Celebrate Easter' . Watch the videos to explore how Toby prepares for Easter Sunday and what he does at his church service.




Let's see how much you have learnt about Easter... Can you complete the Easter Quiz?

Easter Food

Easter is a time to celebrate and many people celebrate by making certain food to share with their family and friends. The most traditional thing to make and eat is Hot Cross Buns. I wonder why that might be? What do you think?

Why don't you have a go at making some Hot Cross Buns? Or maybe you would like to make an Nest Cake? See the recipes below:

School Illustration