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Week 4

Next week, we will be looking at division in Maths. To be able to divide quickly and efficiently, we need to be able to count in 2s, 5s and 10s. Practising this at home will be really helpful. We will be dividing using arrays. We will also be looking at doubling and halving and answering word problems.


In English, we will be writing our own stories. This week we will be focusing on writing the beginning of the story. To do this we will be learning about expanded noun phrases and using them within our writing. Our stories are going to be about the vehicles we build and the environment they are going into.


In Phonics, we are looking at the following sounds:

/ear/ spelled ‘eer’ eg. deer

/u/ spelled ‘o’ eg. some, come

/z/ spelled s eg. Chinese

Silent k eg. knock

Silent w eg. wrap

You could look out for these when you are reading together.


During Project time, we will be learning about axles and wheels. We will be exploring how they work and drawing a diagram. We will also be (finally) making our wheeled vehicles. These will be ‘mock-ups’ which are practise runs on a smaller scale.

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