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Once upon a time, there was a school where reading mattered. Reading was at the heart of this school’s life. From the classroom, to the corridors, from the staffroom, to the playground, there was a love for reading. It only took one glance around the school to know this was true. You could snuggle in the cosy reading areas, relax in the library named Wonder Wood or investigate the engaging books on display. The variety and number of books on offer was amazing. Both children and teachers looked forward to reading times where they could enjoy sharing and discussing their favourite books or try a brand-new book together. At the end of the day, the children went home and continued their reading adventures with their families, for they knew that…


‘the more they read, the more they knew

and the more they knew, the more they could do…’

Dr Seuss, 1978


Reading at Bishops Waltham Infant School 

Reading is one of the key skills that children need to enable them to unlock their learning. Right from the word go, children are immersed in reading and language and parents are encouraged to support this at home. At Bishops Waltham Infant School, English (Reading and Writing) is a lead subject in all projects, in our fantastic integrated curriculum. All children will learn to read and read to learn throughout their time at school. Not only do we encourage the children to learn to read, we also want them to love to read! Therefore, our balanced curriculum aims to promote reading for pleasure and a lifelong love of reading.


Check out our Reading Booklet below to find out more about how reading works in our school.

Winter Warmer

Every year, our Year 1 parents are invited to our Winter Warmer Event. We hold this event after school to promote a love of reading. Whilst the parents find out more about the importance of reading, their children engage in fun reading-related activities. The children even receive a reading-related goody-bag at the end of the evening! To find out more, look at the PowerPoint below which is shared at this event.

Hampshire Assessment Model

We use the Hampshire Assessment Model. The below links give you an overview of the different reading skills that are taught throughout Year 1 and Year 2. 

Reading Tips and Tricks

Look at the link below for some reading tips and tricks!

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