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This week we would like you to practise your doubles.

Here are some ideas for how you could do this. You do not have to do all of them just pick the ones you would like to do. 


Using paint put the correct number of dots on one half, fold it half and then count all of the dots to find the double.



Ladybird Doubles (A game to practise doubling small numbers!)

Let's play Ladybird Doubles! Draw yourself a ladybird and grab some counters. Let your partner put some counters on half of the ladybird and then you do the ...

Watch Numberblocks - Double Trouble

Online Links

Worksheets linked to doubles


Some parents have requested worksheet activities so here are some linked to addition. We try to make learning as hands on as possible for Year R children so please don't feel you have to complete all of these. We also understand some of you may not have printers.

Number of the Week 13

Learn about the number 13! What does it look like? How can we add pairs of numbers to make 13? Where is it on a number track? Have fun!

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