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Victorian Day

Welcome to our Victorian Day!


Today the children will be Victorian school children and experience a day in a Victorian classroom.

We would like all the children at school and at home to dress up as Victorian children. Something like this:-


Throughout the day you will be able to join Victorian lessons using the usual zoom call login.


All the children need is a black piece of paper or card, a piece of chalk and a duster.

If you have a chalk board or piece of slate the children can use that.

You can also use paper and a wax crayon for the same effect.



Timetable for the day


  Live Lessons - these will last about 15minutes       


9.00 Morning zoom - children need to stand until asked to sit by the teacher. If an adult comes in they need to   


        Then register, hand and hair inspection.

        Followed by reciting the alphabet and reading words


10.00 Sums - adding and taking away


10.30 Break - try some Victorian games. Skipping, marbles, hoop with a stick, ball games.


11.00 Drill - Exercises altogether


12.00 Lunch. Try to have a Victorian lunch if you can. Maybe bread and cheese, an apple. A jam sandwich. A pork

          pie. Avoid crisps and chocolate bars!!  You could try some cold tea! Yuk!


1.10  Handwriting


1.30 Sewing (see below)


2.45 Singing. Prayer and Home.



If you are unable to join us below is the Victorian reading exercise.


Below is the blackboard with some adding and taking away sums to copy and complete on your slate.




It was very important for Victorian girls in particular to learn to sew. Remember no clothes shops so all the clothes were hand made and they all had to be mended too.

At school the children would learn stitches by sewing samplers.

Watch Mrs Barnaby's powerpoint to find out what to do!

Now you can create a sampler. You might have some material and thread you can use but if not you can use coloured pencils or felt tips to draw your stitches on to the 'binca'.

Here is a sampler with the stitches drawn with coloured pencils.

Below are some simple patterns you could copy or create your own stitch patterns.



School Illustration