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By now you should be confident with finding a half, a quarter and a third of a shape or quantity. This week we will be learning some new fractions. Remembering the facts below will really help you with identifying fractions and working out what you need to do. These facts work with all of the fractions we are learning.


Below are two of the new fractions we will be learning. One of the fractions is called two quarters and one is called three quarters. Do you know which is which? Look at the fraction and work out how many parts there will be altogether. Then work out how many parts you will be finding.




Today you will be finding fractions of shapes and using words to explain what fractions are. Be careful! Make sure you check how many parts you need to find and how many there are altogether.

Have a go at the investigation below. You will need a pencil, ruler, scissors, and a piece of string/cotton/strip of paper. 
Use your knowledge of number and fractions to have a go at the investigation below! 


Find the fractions of shapes again. This time you will need to read the words and imagine what that looks like as a fraction to help you. You could write the fraction next to each word if you wanted to. Then see how much you know about fractions with the true or false questions. You may need to use drawings or the bar model to work out the answers. Have a go at the investigation and the mixed quiz in Activities 3 and 4, if you are up to the challenge!


Today your focus is on fractions of quantities (numbers). Use drawings or the bar method to help you work out the answers.

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