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This week we are going to learn what Bishops Waltham was like in the Victorian era.


Activity 1


First watch this power point about a famous Victorian man who lived in Bishops Waltham. Find out how he helped the people of the town and improved the lives of the poor Victorian children.

Bishops Waltham Museum has sent us lots of photos of Bishops Waltham from the Victorian era.


What do you recognise?

What has changed or stayed the same?

Why are the pictures not in colour?

Look at the clothes the people are wearing. What do you notice?

Can you see a car? Why not?


Here are some more buildings and streets you might recognise.

Mrs Charles and Miss Miners have made a short film about some of the Victorian buildings you can find in Bishops Waltham. Click the link below to follow them on their history tour.


Perhaps you could find some of these buildings and places.

You could even sketch them.


Can you spot the red and blue/black clay bricks around the town?

Activity 2

Arthur Helps was an important Victorian man who lived in Bishops Waltham.

He helped the people of Bishops Waltham have better lives.

You might want to watch the powerpoint about him again.


We know what he did but how did it help the town?

we are going to make a flow chart to show the impact he had on people's lives. Here is what we mean:-

Now chose ONE of the things he did and make a flow chart of how it helped people. 


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