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This week we will be learning about sharing. We will discuss what sharing means and how we need to share things equally for this to be fair.

There are lots of practical ways you can practise this skill at home. Can you share a packet of sweets between the people in your family? How do you make sure you share them fairly?



Your child's class teacher will be doing an interactive session on sharing at 09.30 on Tuesday 9th of February. Please be on Zoom for this time. 


Below are some activities you may wish to do with your child throughout the week.



Sharing Cookies

In this video, Elmo and Cookie Monster learn about sharing.

Practical Sharing Activities


For the activites below, please focus on sharing items between two people. If your child is confident at this and would like the extra challenge, they could try and share items between four people.




Exploring Fair and Unfair in Sharing

Sharing Toys 


Encourage your child to think about the idea of sharing by sharing out toy parts unequally. For example, duplo, bricks, puzzle pieces, etc. These could be shared between you and your child, or your child and another family member (e.g., their sibling). Give your child less than the other person. Ask:


Is this fair? Do you each have the same amount? 

Why is this fair/not fair?

What should I have done instead? 

How many should you get each?


Introduce the concept of sharing equal amounts i.e. for sharing to be fair, we need to have the same amount each.


Can your child tell you how to make it fair?



One for you, one for me


Share snacks between your child and another person. Give your child an unequal amount. "Oh know I haven't shared them correctly!" Ask your child if they  know what you should have done and then model the action of sharing them equally by saying "one for you, one for me". Have your child practise this themselves  several times with different numbers of items.


Once your child is confident doing this then, place an odd number of sweets, pieces of fruit, etc., out in front of them. Ask them to share these between the two plates. Ask them what they could do with the left over amount. See what ideas they come up with! 


Sharing Challenge


Set your child the challenge of exploring whether ten sweets, cakes or pieces of fruit can be shared fairly between different numbers of toys.

Show them ten sweets and two toys. Can they fairly share the sweets between the toys?

Once they have done so, another toy arrives, making three toys. Can the sweets still be shared fairly?

Each time one more toy arrives, can they try and share the ten sweets?

Encourage your  child to notice if they can equally share ten sweets each time.


Online Games

Number of the Week



This week we will be talking about the number of the week - the number 14!




Number of the Day 14

Here's a video all about the number 14! Take a look to find out what 14 looks like, what it looks like on a number track, on a 10 frame and how to use the pa...

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