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Knowledge and Understanding of the World:

Learning about plants



This week we are starting our learning about plants.


We want to know what you know about plants already...

Discuss the questions below with a grown up at home and talk about what you know or would like to know about plants. You might also want to think about how and where plants grow.



What is a plant?


How do you know?


What plants can you think of?




Here is some of the things we discussed at school:



Ask your grown ups to jot down the things you discuss and please share them with us on Tapestry.


Different types of plants:


We know that there are lots of different types of plants such as, 'flowers', 'trees' etc.

I wonder how many you can think of? 


Below are pictures of some different plants. (See below for the document to print these off)




Can you see if you can sort these into the different groups?

To start with see if you can sort them into the categories: 'flowers', 'trees' and 'bushes'.

Now have a think to see if there are other ways you could sort these pictures.

 Maybe by size? Or colour? Are there types of plants missing? If so maybe you would like to add your own pictures.


Share with us on Tapestry the ways you have sorted these pictures and why.



Comparing two different plants:


Have a go at drawing and comparing two different plants of your choice.

This might be two different plants you have in your garden or different plants you have seen on your walk or in a magazine.

Draw your plants on seperate bits of paper. Make sure you look at the plants carefully so you can see all the details. Think about the colour of the plant, the shape, the height and width.



Miss Campbell has made a start to her two plant pictures. 














Once you have done this discuss with your grown up...


.What you can see that is similar about the two plants?

.What can you see that is different about the two plants?


Have a go at writing about what you have noticed either on the sheet below or in your blended learning books. Your grown ups may want to scribe this for you.


Picture Snap Shot Challenge! 

Over the next couple of weeks we would like you to have a go at taking a picture of a bud in your garden so you can monitor what happens. Let us know what you notice. Make sure it is the same bud you are taken a picture of each day.

TIP: To make sure it is the same one you may want to tie a ribbon around the stem.

Create your own Garden: Home Learning


Over the next few weeks we would like you to create your own garden. What would you include in your ideal garden?

It needs to be no bigger than a shoebox and can be made from natural objects or created from craft materials.

Have a look at the gardens the teachers created below or click on the link to see examples other children have made. It might give you some ideas.






Expressive Arts and Design:

Printing using our finger Tips


Over the next few weeks we are going to be exploring printing.


We will be looking at various ways we can print using different parts of our hands and objects we can find around the house.

This will lead on to us creating a, 'Spring Time Picture' using the different ways we have learnt to print.


To start with this week we would like you to explore printing with your finger tips.

You may want to do this with paint, printing pads or a resource you have at home.


Have a go at carefully placing your finger tip into the paint and gently moving your finger tip in a circular motion so that you have covered the base of your finger tip in paint. Once you have done this lift your finger up and place it down carefully onto paper. Make sure you push down hard to make a print. Carefully remove your finger and look at the print you have created.


Continue to explore printing using your finger tip to see if you can create a picture. Can you make a repeating pattern by printing with your finger?


When changing colour think about what you must do first so the colours are not mixed.



Below are some pictures you may want to have a go at creating. Explore using different colours. You may want to mix your own colours!
































Share with us on Tapestry what you create!

We can't wait to see them!

School Illustration