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We are a Hampshire 'Trailblazer' school!

Promoting Everyday Outdoor Learning


This is Hampshire's own version of Forest School.

Trailblazer is an exciting outdoor learning resource for young people of all ages, in Hampshire, Portsmouth, Southampton, the Isle of Wight and West Berkshire. With training, activities, resources and experience-sharing opportunities, Trailblazer supports you to embed curriculum teaching, outside, using your school grounds.


Our Trailblazer Leaders are:

Mrs Labram and Mrs Withers


Click the tabs below to see Trailblazers in action in each year group

Outdoor Learning Day!



"Outdoor Classroom/Learning Day is a global movement to inspire and celebrate outdoor play and learning, at home and at school." (


"Did you know that children are spending less time outdoors than ever before and this is affecting their health, wellbeing and development. Time outdoors – on Outdoor Classroom Day and every day – will make children happier and healthier, as well as equipping them with the skills they need for life." (


 The children at Bishops Waltham Infant School are pleased to be joining in with the first of two Outdoor Classroom Days where they will be exploring the different ways we can learn and enjoy the outside environment. 

Mrs Withers and Mrs Labram have set the children the challenge to spend at least an hour outside on this day completing different outdoor challenges. Examples of these activities include making a seed bomb, creating a class picture with natural resources and using things they find outside to create their name.


See the video below shared with the children to introduce them to Outdoor Learning Day:


Outdoor Learning Day Introduction Video

Still image for this video

Have a look at how we celebrated Outdoor Learning Day:



TrailBlazers at Home!

Learning outside doesn't have to just be Monday to Friday. Why not have a go at carrying on your learning outside out of school hours too!

Have a look at this months challenge:


Making an autumn leaf bowl:



You will need:

. Autumn leaves

. Heavy books for pressing

. A balloon

. A bowl

. PVA glue

. Paint brush

. Foil or cling film



1. Collect some leaves and remove the stems.

2. Place the leaves between sheets of paper and pile some heavy books on top to flatten. 

3. Blow up a balloon to the size of the bowl your using. Place the balloon sitting in the bowl.

4. Pour some glue into a container and add a splash of water.

5. Cover the top of the balloon sticking out of the bowl with glue.

6.Gently press a layer of leaves over the top, making sure they overlap a little.

7. Cover the leaves with another layer of glue and place some cling film over the top to keep the leaves in place.

8. Leave your bowl to dry over night. If you have an airing cupboard you could put it in there.

9. Once it is dry add another layer of leaves and glue. Then leave to dry again. Repeat this 2 more times.

10. Once you are happy you have enough layers pop the balloon and your bowl will be ready.





Your teachers would love to see so please send us a picture or video on Tapestry.

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