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Learn to calculate change by finding the difference. You can do this by counting on or taking away.

Continue to practice finding change, but this time there is a twist. First you will need to find out how much money Blackbeard paid, by counting the coins. You should be really good at this by now. Remember to use your times table to help you add up the coins.

Money Challenges

You can go outside for this first activity if you like. Spread out the activity cards around the house, garden or on a table. Then sequence the lengths of time in order from shortest to longest. Now you can complete the worksheet to show what you learnt from the first activity.

Now we are going to learn to read the time shown on a clock. You should remember how to spot o'clock and half past, but try to challenge yourself by reading quarter to and quarter past. If you really want a challenge you could even read the time to 5 minute intervals.

Finally, we are going to draw the hands on a clock to show a given time. Remember where the big hand and smaller hand are supposed to go.

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