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Week 1



This week in literacy we are going to be reading the story Leaf Man. Listen to the story below. Leaf Man follows a group of autumn leaves as they are blown by the wind.  I wonder where the wind will take them?


After receiving a message from Leaf Man asking for our help we will think about where Leaf Man could go on his next adventure. We will write a page for a new Leaf Man story. See the example below to help write your page for the new Leaf Man story. 

Leaf Man

Remember to read at least 3 times a week and practise your words if you are at home.



Use the PowerPoint below to practising saying all the phase 2 sounds we have learnt  in school so far.  How many do you know?

Grab a Giggling Grapheme


We love playing this game at school to help us practise our sounds. How many can you get right in a row?



This week we are going to be learning about pattern. We will continue, copy and create a repeating pattern!


The PowerPoint below is a good introduction to pattern.

Go on a pattern hunt around your house. How many different patterns can you find.

We will be making a pattern out of Autumnal objects. Using 2 objects make a repeating pattern. Can you describe your pattern?



At school this week we are going on an Autumn walk! We will be looking for signs of Autumn and talking about seasonal changes at this time of the year. What colour are the leaves? What is beginning to fall from the trees?


What events are celebrated during the Autumn?

What do the animals do during the Autumn? 

Learn some Autumn songs


Harvest Samba


School Illustration