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Travel to School

Traveling to Bishops Waltham Infant School


Bishops Waltham Infant School is in the middle of Bishops Waltham. Where possible we encourage children to walk to school with their parents-over 70% of our children come to school this way! If cars need to be driven, we ask parents to park and stride. The nearest car park available is at Hoe Road recreation ground, a short stroll away.


We take part in many initiatives, such as 'WOW' scheme, where children log their mode of transport to school and collect badges for walking, walk to school week and 'Walktober'. In addition to this we run sessions in each year group to help children to walk, scoot or cycle. These are as follows:


Year R-Balance Bike Training

Year 1-Scooter Training

Year 2- Road Safety Training


(Please note, our children are too young for 'bike ability' training and this happens at BWJS)





Our School Council help the PCSO to monitor parking outside school, to remind parents of parking safely around the school-and not on the yellow zig zags!
Travel Plan Aims and Objectives

The overall aim of this school travel plan is to ensure that pupils, parents and staff who are

currently at the school, and will attend in the future, are able to make informed decisions

about their travel to and from school. Through the travel plan it is hoped the school

community will be able to continue to choose more sustainable modes of travel and

therefore, minimise the impact of the recently expanded school on the local environment.


  • To sustain, and where possible, encourage a greater use of more sustainable modes of travel for journeys to and from school, and therefore reduce the impact of travel to school on the local community, particularly as the school has recently expanded
  • To increase awareness of the importance of safe travel to and from school.
  • To raise travel awareness amongst the whole school community and integrate sustainable school travel within the curriculum and school ethos.
  • To promote and enable sustainable travel for staff and visitors.


  •  To encourage and enable more children and parents to walk to and from school
  • Encourage and enable more pupils who have bicycles or scooters to consider cycling, scootering to school and back with parents.
  • Where appropriate, encourage car sharing between parents of the school.
  • To ensure parents and pupils feel safer walking or cycling to school.
  • To ensure that Road Safety education is provided to all to ensure safer
  • journeys to and from school.
  •  To raise awareness of the benefits of leaving the car at home, and the alternatives amongst children and parents.
  • To communicate in a proactive manner with residents Bishops Waltham Infant and Junior School Travel Plan 
  • To promote and enable alternatives to the car and reduce car use (for staff and visitors).



Bishops Waltham Infant and Junior Schools Travel Plan

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