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Week 3 9.11.20

Welcome to Week 3 of our project.



This week we are going to be authors and create a new story based on the 3 Billy Goats Gruff.

This is called an Innovation.

The children will be innovating the 3 Billy Goats Gruff story. This means they will change certain aspects of the story like this:-

the setting (where the story happens) - a castle, the jungle, under the sea, in space

the characters - 3 brave knights, 3 cheeky monkeys, 3 mermaids, 3 aliens

the baddie - a dragon, a crocodile, a shark, a spaceman

what they cross - the drawbridge, a river, the seaweed, planet

the noise - stamp stamp, swing swing, swish swish, beep beep

to get to... - gold, bananas, cave, spaceships

the ending - locked in a dungeon, tie up the croc's jaws, biff the shark on the nose, push the spaceman off the planet


Talk about different story ideas and the use the bubble map below to plan your story:-






Next we are going to create a story hill for your innovated story. We will use the same style as last week's for the Billy Goats Gruff story hill like this:-



Remember this story is your innovation so it will be 'The 3_______________'


Your story will follow the same pattern as The Billy Goats Gruff version. Something like this...


When you have finished your story hill practise retelling it with actions!

Finally you are going to write your story. Remember to use the time connectives we used last week.

Once upon a time





You can use one of the story frames below or write it straight into your Blended Learning Book.




This week we are learning about doubling numbers.


To double a number you add it to itself like this :-



You can also watch this Doubling Dominoes power point. You will find a link at the bottom of this section.


We are going to start with a fun doubling dots on a butterfly. 

You will need some paint and a small paintbrush or a cotton bud. You could just use your finger!


This is the butterfly sheet you will need. Cut the butterflies out.

Next paint 2 dots on one wing only like this:-

Now fold the butterfly in half and press the wings together. Open them up carefully and you will see double the spots!  So 2 + 2 = 4  or  Double 2 is 4.

Try doubling different numbers of spots! How many different butterflies can you make.


In school we use some equipment called Numicon.  It looks like this:-

You could print it out and cut out the shapes to help with the doubling activities.

Watch the film below to see how to double numbers using numicon.

Now try these problems.

Use the numicon to help you.



And some word doubling problems.


Finally help the Troll with his homework.

Did he solve the problems correctly?

Help him check the answers.

If he was wrong help him correct his answers.


Design and Technology (DT)

This week we are going to make 'mock ups' of our character puppets.

Mock ups are the first attempt to follow the design to make your puppet.


You will need :-

a paper bag - any paper bag will do such as a gift bag. You can even make your own bag from a piece of paper folded in half and glued along 2 sides. Your child needs to get their hand inside.

glue - a glue stick, PVA glue, even a glue gun



split pins

paper clips


scraps of paper/fabric



You don't need all of these, Just what you have at home!



First practise using some of the tools such as scissors and staplers safely.


Below are some cutting out practise sheets.





Now follow your puppet design and create your puppet! 

Here are some from last year!






Be the quality controller and check your puppet meets the design criteria!

Is there anything you need to change or add?


Send us a photo of your finished puppet!

School Illustration