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This week we will be recapping dividing. This can be called division or sharing, too. Dividing is the opposite to multiplying and when using multiplication and division we can make fact families - just like with addition and subtraction. This means you can use your times tables to help you solve division sums. 


Knowing your doubles and halves really quickly will help you with your two times tables. It will also help you with addition and subtraction facts. Check out the 2 links below to have some doubling and halving practise before starting your activities. Begin with the first and second activity, moving onto the third activity if you need a challenge.


Do you know your division facts quickly? Remember, you can use your times tables facts to help you. You can count in 2s, 5s and 10s to help you find the answer. You can draw pictures and arrays, too. Begin with the first 2 activities and move onto the third activity for something trickier!


Read the problems carefully - make sure you don't get tricked! These activities start easy and get harder so complete them in order. Only do activity 3 if you feel able to after activities 1 and 2.


These activities are in order of difficulty. Number 1 is the easiest and 4 is the hardest. Choose 1 or 2 activities to try. Maybe you will whizz through all 4 of them?

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