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This week we are going to write a letter to Queen Victoria asking her and her government to change the law to make life better for poor children.


In Victorian times there were some rich and powerful landowners and factory owners. They wanted children to work in mills, mines ad farms because they didn't have to pay them very much. Children were smaller than grown ups and get into places they couldn't. The children could climb chimneys and go under the machines. 

Have another look at the children working on the powerpoint.

There were also some powerful famous Victorians who wanted to help the poor children.

They thought the children should go to school and learn.

Why do you think it was important for children to be able to read and write and do maths?

Talk to your grown up!


This argument is called a debate. Queen Victoria and her government debated, (argued) what should happen.

Who do think won? What changed for children? 


Write your ideas on this sheet.

Write a sentence at the bottom about what you think.

Activity 2

To get ready to write our letter we need to make a plan.

So we are going to use a boxing up sheet like this:-

Here is an example to help you:-


Activity 3

Today we are going to be rich and important Victorians who want to make life better for poor children and we have decided to write a letter to Queen Victoria to as her to help us.


So for today you are Lady __________ or Sir ___________!


You can use the writing paper below or write straight into you Blended Learning book.


A letter needs your address and the date at the top. We have written those for you.

Your letter needs to start with who it is to on the first line, like this:-


Dear Queen Victoria

Start your writing on the next line.


Use your boxing up to help you.

You could miss a line between each section or chunk. This is called a paragraph.


Paragraph 1 - Why are you writing to Queen Victoria

Paragraph 2 - What is life like for the poor children. Did you know...

Paragraph 3 - What do you want to change for the children. I think ...

Paragraph 4 - a finishing sentence like this:-


I hope you will be able to help.

Yours Sincerely

Lady___________ or Sir ___________

Here is an example.

You might find this word bank useful.

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