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St George's Day - Thursday 23rd April

Happy St George's Day!

Do you know why we celebrate St George's Day? Find out all about it here --->


For more St George's Day activities, click here --->



Have a go at the Year 1 Phonics check on the Reading Robots game - click here for the link to the game.




This week's writing activity is to make a dictionary page for our growing dictionary!

Have a look.



Now you can add one an unstructured number line (see yesterday's learning), we need to start thinking about adding bigger numbers. We need to be able to add 10 to 2 digit numbers. 

So lets practise some place value - remember this word means what the different digits in a number are worth. 

Have a look at this page from BBC Bitesize. there is a video and some activities to take part it.

There's also this page where you can have a play in making different numbers using 10s and 1s. Initially, try numbers to 19, then work your way up as high as you are confident to!

Or this sharks game lets you practise your place value by counting the ten sticks and 1 cubes to make a number.



Why don't you make the most of the sunshine and go on a leaf hunt in your local area during your walk. How many of these leaves can you find? 

(This is also another idea for your home learning activity - find it here -->



Have fun everyone!




Leaf Hunt Download

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