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Remote Learning


In phonics we will be learning about the soft c sound. Please find the activity below to support this.

In maths we will continue to practice partitioning numbers in different ways. Please find the activity below. You will also find some maths challenges to extend your learning at the bottom of this page.


In literacy we would like you to listen to a sailing boat in the sky again and mind map some expanded noun phrases to describe the characters in the story. For example: Isobel is a kind, caring and confident girl. It's been a long time since you have used commas in a list so practise this with a grown up.


The story:


Spend some time outside this afternoon for PE. See how many rugby skills you can remember from last term: dodging, throwing, catching and scoring.


In computing we are going to start learning about algorithms. An algorithm is a set of instructions. Practice giving and receiving instructions outside with a grown up or sibling.


Make sure you spend some time reading independently or with a grown up too and record it in your reading diary.


In phonics we would like you to practise the soft g sound, like in the word gem. Complete the activity below to show your understanding.

In literacy you will need to begin your plan for our character descriptions tomorrow. Remember to include lot's of adjective so that you can create expanded noun phrases using commas in a list tomorrow. Please see the plan below.

In maths, Miss Salter has set you two investigations to see how much you know about place value. Remember if the question says you need to explain how you know, the answer will need to include a 'because'.

In Science we would like you to find as many different materials as possible and explore their properties. Are they solid, liquid, stretchy, stiff, soft, hard, waterproof and/or transparent?


We would also like you to spend some time reading this afternoon. Remember bugclub is full of great books if you are running out.


In phonics we will be learning the tch sound. It usually goes at the end of of words like catch, except when there is a suffix at the end, like watching or stitches. Please see the activity below to support your learning.

It is extended write day today, so you will need to use your plan from yesterday to write a character description. Use as many adjectives as you can to make extended noun phrases and remember if you are using three or more you can put them into a list using commas. Please see the example below to support your writing.

In PE we are continuing with gymnastics. See what shapes you can remember making with your body. For example: star, straight shape, pike, straddle and tuck. Can you put them together into a routine?


In science you will be using a carroll diagram to sort materials into their different properties. Think back to our learning yesterday to sort the objects correctly. Activity to be uploaded shortly.


In phonics we will be learning the ture sound, like in the word picture. How many other words do you know containing this sound? Use the activity below to support your learning.

In maths we would like you to challenge yourself with some of the problem solving questions in the maths challenge section (at the bottom of the page). You will need to apply your knowledge of place value to solve the different problems. We do not expect you to answer all of the questions, just try your best to answer 3 or 4.


In music, listen to some of your favourite songs and listen out for the different instruments. What is the rhythm or the drums, can you stamp it? What is the rhythm of the guitar, can you clap it? What is the rhythm of the voice, can you sing it?


Finally, please take some time today to be active outside and have a lovely weekend.

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