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This week we will continue our growing dance.


Remind the children of the set sequence they learnt last week.


This week your child is going to be choreographing their own dance sequence to show the seed they just planted growing. 


Show your child some video clips of plants growing.


Watch what happens to the plants as they grow.


 Ask your child what type of movements they might do if they were a seed growing. Let them have a go at growing into a plant. Practise growing slowly from a really small shape to a large flower. Can they describe the flowers that they grow into. What colour are they? Where are they planted? What shape leaves do they have? Ask the children to think about this as they grow. 


Ideas for children’s own choreography:

 Start curled up in a ball as if they are a seed. 

Winding movements with arms and legs as if they are the roots.

Slowly pushing up towards the sun with hands, standing on tiptoes.

 Large semi-circular movements with arms as if the petals and leaves are growing.

 Swaying in the wind.



Now add the set sequence to the children’s own growing sequences.


Then ask your child what happens to a flower once it has been alive and the seeds have been spread? What is next in the life cycle? Explain that for the next part of the dance they will be sinking to the ground as if the flower is dying.

Explain that another flower will grow from the seeds it has spread. 



Don't forget to send us a video on Tapestry of you doing your dance.


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