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Knowledge and Understanding of The World


A ‘minibeast’ is a small animal. Spiders, snails, slugs, beetles, centipedes, worms, earwigs, caterpillars...

Those are just a few well-known examples of the thousands and thousands of types of ‘creepy-crawlies’ that exist all over the world.


Minibeasts are also called invertebrates which are animals without a backbone.



Look at the resources below to learn more about minibeasts.

Once you have looked at the resources, download the identification sheet, tally chart and check list, then head out into the garden and see how many different minibeasts you can find. Where do you think they will be hiding?

Where is the best place to look for minibeasts?

You could also have a go at making a minibeast hotel using the instructions provided.


What is a minibeast? | Primary Biology - Animal Types

A short audio slideshow that explains the different characteristics that make an animal a minibeast.

A powerpoint with facts about minibeasts

School Illustration