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This week we will be learning all about measuring length using different tools. Have you seen your grown up doing some measuring at home? What did they use to help them? Have a chat with your grown up about measuring length. 

All this week's maths can be downloaded here


Have a go at making a table like the one below. You can use our ideas and then add some of your own.

Remember, as estimate is a sensible guess that you make before you measure. 

Object Estimate Length in (your) feet




If you want an extra challenge...


Have a watch of BBC Supermovers to learn using centimetres and metres to measure. Measuring Video

If you want an extra challenge...


Click on the pictures below to make them bigger.



Can you order these leaves from shortest to longest. 

Then, using your thinking skills, which line is longer? Why do you think that? Is there a way you can check?

Mrs Riches has a challenge for you. Can you design her garden for her using a ruler? You can choose any flower you like!

Would you like an extra challenge?


Do you want a challenge?

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