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This week we are looking at time. You will need a clock to learn to tell the time. If you don't have a toy clock with moving hands use the template below to make one.




Activity 1


Let’s recap finding o’clock times. Have a go at finding the following times on your clock:


  • 5 o’clock
  • 10 o’clock
  • 7 o’clock
  • 2 o’clock
  • 9 o’clock


Watch the video below - Miss Miners is going to show you how to read half past times. It is under the Year 1 section. 






Now have a go at writing the times for the clocks below. The first sheet has o'clock times, the second sheet has o'clock and half past times. 





Activity 2


Today we are going to draw on the minute and hour hands onto blank clocks to show the time.


Start by making the time on your clock. Then draw the hands onto the clock faces. Make sure the minute hand is longer than the hour hand. You could draw the hour hand in red and the minute hand in blue to help you.






Activity 3



Today we are going to solve time problems by adding or subtracting an hour. 


Let’s make 3 o’clock on our clocks. To find 1 hour later, we need to move the hour hand so it is pointing at the next number down. So for 3 o’clock, one hour later will be 4 o’clock. Remember, the minute hand will stay in the same position. 


Miss Miners is going to show you how to find 1 hour later. It is under the year 1 section.



Now have a go at finding 1 hour later on the clocks below. 


If you found 1 hour later easy, have a go at the challenge below. 

Activity 4


Today we are going to try a one-minute challenge! Remember that 1 minute is 60 seconds!


Start off by asking your grown up to set a timer for 1 minute. Close your eyes and put your hand up when you think 1 minute has passed. How close did you get?


Now have a go at the activities below. Remember to set a 1 minute timer each time. Maybe you could have a competition with your grown up to see who completes the most in the time.


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